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Welcome to the DF/HCC DNA Resource Core

The Core's Message Board:

Dear Sanger sequencing users:

We are writing to let you know that the DF/HCC DNA Resource Core at Harvard Medical School will not reopen as lab activities resume. We cannot accept any new samples for Sanger sequencing and will permanently close our doors at the end of June.

We would like to thank you all for your use and support of the core over the past years and wish you success in your future research efforts. Below we provide important information about data access and alternative providers.

(1) Data Access:

The DNA-LIMS portal will be accessible until June 30th, 2021. Until that day, you will be able to log in to download your sequencing results and save them on your computer. Nevertheless, we urge you to download your data as soon as possible so that if there are any issues with your files, we can resolve those issues with you.


(2) Alternative Providers:

The following is a partial list of commercial vendors for Sanger sequencing, listed in alphabetical order. These vendors have provided competitive pricing for Harvard Medical School and affiliate hospitals. Some have special introductory offers available. Please click on vendor names for special pricing information.

Biopolymers Facility
Contact: Bob Steen
Phone: 617-432-7564
On campus pick-up: Yes (NRB Room 0088)

Biopolymers Dropoffs:
New Research Building (NRB)
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115
This pickup freezer is located on the basement level of the NRB, in the vestibule outside of the BPF core facility entrance.

Building C1
25 Shattuck Street
Boston, MA 02115
This pickup freezer is located on the second floor of building C1, in the corner between building C1 and the LHRRB building.

Goldenson Building
Room 142
250 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
This pickup freezer is located within the BPF Self Service Supply Center on the ground floor of the Goldenson building.

Eton Bioscience
Contact: Josh Kale
Phone: 1-800-758-1630
On campus pick-up: Yes (details provided at account creation)

Contact: Ann Robinson
Phone: 617-803-3832
On campus pick-up: Yes (boxes at 5 buildings, 2 or 3 pick-up times per box)

Psomagen (formerly Macrogen)
Contact: Brian Shin
Phone: 301-251-1007
On campus pick-up: Yes (NRB, WAB, MGH or contact for more information)

Quintara Biosciences
Contact: Flora Zhang
Phone: 617-943-2768
On campus pick-up: Yes (>20 in LMA, contact for information)

Thank you again for your feedback and support over the years! We have really enjoyed serving you and learning from you, and we appreciate our collegial relationship with you.


Staff and leadership of the DNA Resource Core


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